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How to Get Your Followers to Take Action

Posted by Anna Morcerf on Feb 22, 2019 3:11:00 PM

So you’ve established a following on social what? It can be a challenge to turn followers into loyal customers but we have a few tips that you can use to help.

Invite them - By inviting your followers to an in-house event, such as a new product launch or book signing/talk from an influencer in your field, you can help take followers out from behind the screen and create face-to-face connections. Your followers already support you, and you may have created some online friendships with a few of them already, so by simply inviting them into your business you can give them some specialized attention that they all want and deserve. Once you’ve reached out and invited either all or just a few of your followers to an event, take the time to give them individualized attention by recommending products, letting them know what your best sellers are, or what some of your personal favorites might be.

Spell it out - This might sound almost too easy, but by occasionally adding a statement like: “Click the link in our bio to take advantage of our holiday deals” to the end of a caption, you’re letting your followers know just how simple it is to access your website and make a purchase. Adding extra value through your social media posts IS very important, you don’t want to come across too salesy, but let’s not forget you are running a business and at the end of the day, the connections that you foster online through valuable tips are the perfect stepping stones to bridge the gap between value and a sale.

Add the pressure of time - Think about hosting flash sales or special offers for one weekend or even less time. You can advertise this sale in all of your usual ways, but by adding a countdown and posting that “Time is running out for this incredible deal,” you’ll add the pressure of time that your followers sometimes need to jump on a purchase. Plus, by popping up in your followers' newsfeeds on the day of the sale, you might be able to catch a few people who had forgotten. No one wants to miss out on a good deal.

Make it Exclusive - Having an offer or giveaway that is exclusively aimed toward your social media followers will add an incentive for them to make a purchase. This is how you can add value to those who go out of their way to interact with you and support your business’s digital efforts. This is a way to gain a larger following, engage with customers in the comments section, answer questions and show them how much you value them in return.

It's important to remember, that although many of these tips may sound like no-brainers, the true value that you can provide for your customers is being honest and reliable. If they take the time to follow you, don’t over exaggerate about products and definitely make sure that they can reach you if they choose to direct message or contact you in some other way via social media. If you act as a resource, tap into some of these tips and provide consistent value, the sales will come naturally.


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