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The Importance of Social Proof and How to Copy Ad ID

Posted by Anna Morcerf on Feb 8, 2019 11:45:00 AM

Social proof is the number of likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement that a post has on Facebook. Having a high amount of social proof on a post establishes trust and credibility. When running Facebook ads, social proof comes into play because of the hive mentality that people tend to have. This is how trends are started.

So, if someone is scrolling through their newsfeed and they see an advertisement for a new brand. Even if this person has never heard of the brand before, they would be more likely to stop and see what the brand is all about if they see that the ad has 2k likes, 400 comments and multiple shares. People want to find out why people like something so much because they want to like it too. Social proof also helps a post’s ranking in Facebook algorithm. If a post is popular among its audience, Facebook will tap into this and feed the ad to more people.

Studies show that Facebook ads with above average social proof have 300% more conversions and 50% lower CPA (cost per action) and CPC (cost per click). This is largely due to the fact that social proof is one of the few ways you can improve your advertisement's relevance score, which is a way for you the gauge the success of your ad and to understand how Facebook is feeding your ad to your audience through its bidding system. Facebook will give your ad a higher relevance score based on how the audience is reacting to the advertisement. If there is a high amount of social proof, this is one way that Facebook can judge that your ad is being served to the appropriate audience. You will want to have a high relevance score, not only because it means your audience is spot-on, but also because having a high relevance score will also give you higher priority in the bidding system.


Two ways that Digital Harmony increases social proof for our own and our client ads is by copying the ad ID of an existing page post, and by utilizing one ad ID for multiple ads.


Here’s How:

1. If you are looking to turn a successful page post into the creative element for an ad here is how you can do this.

        a. Go to the post on your page that you wish you use as the creative element in your advertisement. Click on the             publishing date below the page name.

bbb 1

        b. Once you click on the date, the post will pop-up on your screen as a new tab with a URL.

        c. Copy the long set of numbers in the URL.

bbb 22. If you are looking to get the ad ID for a Facebook advertisement that either is currently running, or had run in the past, here’s how.

        a.  Go to you Facebook ad account. Select the ad you wish to copy and click on “Preview.”

bbb 3

        b. The post will come up in a different URL once you click on this. You will look at the URL and copy the long set               of numbers, just like you did with your regular page post. Make sure you copy the second long set.

bbb 4

3. Now that you know how to obtain a post ID and ad ID, next time you are creating a Facebook advertisement, you can use a pre-existing post or ad as your creative component. 

        a. At the ad level, you will see the option to either “Create Ad” or “Use Existing Post”. Click on “Use Existing Post”               and then, click on “Enter Post ID”. This is where you will paste the ID. You can also select a page post from the               drop down list. 

bbb 5        b. Once you enter the Post ID, your pre-existing post or ad creative will open up right away and you will see all of             the likes, comments and shares still intact as well!

bbb 6**Tip** Remember, if you edit a photo or caption at any time you will lose ALL of the advertisement’s social proof!**


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